First Learning / ファーストラーニング




Our Team


Clodine(クロディン)先生 (外国人講師)

ClodineHello everyone! My name is Clodine.

I spent most of my time growing up abroad and had the chance to study at various international schools. It is my 4th year living and Japan and my 3rd year as an English preschool teacher.

My love for kids is what inspired me to come and work with First Learning. Each child has different strengths and interests. As a teacher, my goal is to have each child stand out on their own unique way and at their own pace.

Let’s grow together and make learning fun!


私は育った時間のほとんどを海外で過ごし、さまざまなインターナショナルスクールで勉強する機会がありました。 今年は日本へ来て4年目、そして英語の就学前教師としての3年目の年です。

私の子供への愛は、私がファーストラーニングに参加して働き始めるきっかけとなったものです。 子供はそれぞれ異なる強みと興味を持っています。 先生として、私の目標は、それぞれの子供がそれぞれ独自の方法で自分のペースで目立つようにすることです。


Emu(エム)先生 (外国人講師)


My name is Emu! I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. I had my practice teaching at a University in South Korea which ignited my passion to teach outside of my comfort zone. It has been 3 years since I started teaching here in Japan.

Being a part of this team, I aim to apply my pedagogies and experiences in taking part with the kids’ holistic development in the most fun and creative way possible and cheer them on with every milestone that they will overcome.


Aika(アイカ)先生 (外国人講師)

AikaHello everyone!

My name is Aika, and I was born and raised in the Philippines, where I graduated from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in 2018 with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management. I moved here to Japan in the same year.

I hope to take this opportunity working in First Learning to grow alongside the children, and to help them become independent individuals, while working well with their peers. I am looking forward to getting to know the children, while learning English at the same time!


私の名前はAikaです。私はフィリピンで生まれ、育ちました。そこでは、2018年にホテル、レストラン、学校の経営管理の学位を取得し、デラサール大学(Saint Benilde)を卒業しました。 私は同じ年に日本に来ました。

私はこの機会にファーストラーニングで働いて、子供たちと一緒に成長し、彼らが仲間とうまく働きながら、彼らが独立した個人になるのを助けたいと思います。 同時に英語を学びながら、子供たちと知り合うことを楽しみにしています!


KyokoHello, my name is Kyoko.
I’m very happy to be a member of First Learning.
I’ve been interested in children, English and English education.
When I was a university student, I got an English teaching license for junior high school and high school. After that, I worked at a junior high school as an English teacher.
After getting married, I lived in Belgium for 3 and a half years. Though Belgium is a multilingual nation, I could communicate with people through English. I learned how important English was.
Through these experiences, I’d like to help children learn English and foster a sense of self-reliance.

こんにちは、Kyoko と申します。
私は以前からずっと子供、英語、そして 英語教育に興味があります。

大学時代は中学校と高校の英語の教員免許を取得しました。その後は 英語教諭として中学校に勤務しました。


Necy(ネシー)先生 (外国人講師)

NecyHi! My name is Necy Orihara. Im from Philippines

I attended Polytechnic University of the Philippines and graduated 1989 with a Bachelor degree in Business Office Administration and Management.
My degree led me to a job as a Pharmacy assistant in Mercury Drug.
After I got married, We were given an opportunity to move around to different countries ( Canada,USA and Mexico)

I had a chance to meet different types of people with different background and culture.
And now I’m so honored to be a part of First Learning. I am so excited to work with your children and I cannot wait to meet them!

We strive to prepare respectful, responsible and knowledgeable life long learners in a safe as well as loving environment with care.

私の名前はオリハラネシーです、そしてFirst Learning Kita Urawa Branchのディレクターです。

私の学位は、Mercury DrugのPharmacy assistantとして私に仕事をしました。
そして今、私はファーストラーニングの一員になることを大変光栄に思っております。 私は皆さんの子供たちと一緒に働くことにとても興奮しており、子供たちと一緒に過ごせることを楽しみに待っております!

Yukio(ユキコ)先生 (日本人講師)

YukioHello! My name is Yukiko.

At the University, I got a qualification as an English teacher of joiner high school and high school.

I’ve worked at English conversation school as an English teacher. Also, I have had the experiences to teach English for students who need special care. It was nice opportunity.

Let’s have fun time together!




Mieko(ミエコ)さん (総合受付 ・ 保育士)

Miekoこんにちは、事務担当の美恵子です。 微力ではございますが、生徒様、またご家族様が気持ちよくお教室へ通学出来ます様、貢献出来たらと思います。